About Us

SNP News is an online news portal with a step ahead in digital journalism.
SNP News was started a year ago by Mr. Nitin Patil, Chief Editor & CEO of SNP Cluster with the mission to serve our readers with latest regional/local news in addition to national/international news.
This mission statement sets us apart from other online news portals.

We, at SNP News, are a team of people spread across Maharashtra to provide our readers access to the latest news on their electronic media.
Our portal is helpful to our readers residing beyond the borders. All the access to the regional news is just a click away for them.

SNP News is tied up with Daily Hunt, a news app, which has nearly 84k subscribers for SNP News.
With interesting news related to politics, sports, entertainment, business, education, employment etc., informative articles on various topics, subscribers and readers for SNP News are on a steady rise.