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Prajakta Lavangare Verma IAS attended the 9th Annual Convention of Katalyst

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Prajakta Lavangare Verma IAS attended the 9th Annual  Convention of Katalyst – an organisation that began a decade ago with the intent of liberating women from low income communities through the pursuit of professional education.  She was invited for a panel discussion along with other dignitaries, to speak on a motivational topic ” There is no right time, there is only a right now.”
The convention was attended by all the young women who have enrolled in the development initiatives of Katayst and by all the donors, partners and mentors of Katayst. Addressing a five hundred strong audience consisting of primarily young women of lower income group, Prajakta L Verma, by quoting experiences of tribal and other underprivileged women in the districts who rose above their circumstances to build a toilet and rid their families of open defecation, brought home the point that one is a product of one’s thought and decisions and not circumstances. It is when we make the right choice that the right time arrives.
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The event was attended by Shri Gopalkrishnan ex ED of Tata Sons and author of various events, Smt.Jayashree Vyas MD, Sewa Bank, Debarati Sen MD of 3M Solutions and others.
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